🎄How to Christmas Like a German 🇩🇪

Your Step-By-Step Guide for Easily Celebrating German Christmas Traditions (No Matter Where You Live)!


Do You..

  • Have German heritage -- but don't know much about German Christmas traditions?
  • Seek to rekindle long-lost family memories, recipes, and traditions?
  • Want fun & easy recipes (mmm...German desserts), crafts, and decorations to make with your kids this holiday season?

My Christmas Like a German ebook is for you!

You'll get 24 easy recipes & tutorials for celebrating an authentic German Christmas (no matter where you live)!


"Cate has made it SO EASY to learn about these German traditions!" - Allison


I created How to Christmas Like a German so that each day you'll find a fun new recipe to prepare, activity to enjoy or cultural fun fact to explore!

This 45-page guide gives you everything you need to experience the Christmas season as if you were in Germany!


It's SO EASY to learn about and add German traditions - - Cate has thought of everything!

It's really easy to pick a few that work for our family, or even plan a whole month of German Christmas foods and activities.

It was also fun to learn that so many things I remember from my grandparents' house were German traditions!

– Allison

Cate's Christmas Like a German activity book is overflowing with holiday goodness!

This is a book that is fun to read and to discover interesting tidbits that take you on a journey through related projects, stories, and recipes that look amazing and obtainable to all levels of baking experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed it will be revisiting this for years to come.


This is such a great way to try new and easy traditions with my kids.

I love the explanations, clear directions, and all the fun examples!

How to Christmas Like a German will make my favorite time of year even more creative and special.


You Won't Just Learn About German Christmas,
You'll EXPERIENCE A German Christmas!

I show you step-by-step:

  • How to decorate your house & tree
  • How to make German Christmas treats
  • How to celebrate beloved traditions
  • So much more!

If you...

  • Wish you knew more about German Christmas traditions...
  • Want to (re)connect with German heritage...
  • Or are looking for fun new recipes and activities for your family...

You'll love How to Christmas Like a German!

Take advantage of this one-time discount and order your copy today!

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Q1. Is This Just For Kids?

A. No! Both adults and kids will love the traditions, crafts, recipes, fun facts, videos, and everything else!

Q4. Is This Book Just For Families?

A. Nope! Families, couples, and individuals will all be able to use every part of this book over and over.

Q2. Do I Need to Be Religious To Use this Book?

A. NO! Anyone who celebrates Christmas - whether as a secular or religious holiday - will enjoy it.

Q5. Can I Reuse This Book Next Year?

A. YES! You can use it year after year.

Q3. What If I Don't Celebrate Christmas?

A. If you'd like to learn about Christmas in Germany you'll love this ebook, even if you don't celebrate it yourself.

Q6. 24 Activities Sounds a Little Overwhelming!

A. Don't worry! Do a couple activities this year and save the rest for future Christmases!


Hi, I'm Cate!

Germany has been a big part of my life for over 30 years.

After living there for 4+ years in my teens and 20s, I taught college German for several years, and led cultural workshops about Germany for education and business. I even have a PhD in German Applied Linguistics!

When I lived in Germany, Christmas was my favorite time of year.

These days, when I can't celebrate the holiday season in Germany, I German-ize my holiday at home.

With my guide, you'll be able to celebrate Christmas like a German, too!


How to Christmas Like a German

  • Use Year After Year
  • 24 Activities, Recipes & More
  • Fun for Kids & Adults

Regular Price $37


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